Hey Little Friend

...is a website for musical collaboration.

Our aim in creating it is to satisfy our desire as musicians, not just to create and record and play our music, but to make music in collaboration with other people.

We’re envisioning this website as a place where a smallish network of musicians can upload works-in-progress or new songs to be listened to, commented on and – most excitingly – worked on by other people.

The Invitation.

If your reading this, consider yourself invited to participate. Maybe you just want to play your existing material for a friendly bunch of other musicians and get some feedback. Maybe you're stuck creatively on one of your own projects and want to collect musical suggestions to push it forward. Maybe you want people to download your tracks and remix, edit, or play over them. Maybe you want to do that with other people's tracks. All of these motivations are welcome here. Make yourself at home.

Click on the links at the top of the home page to learn more about how the site works and how to participate.